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Technical Writing

We have mastered the use of Occam’s Razor. Many everyday consumers and lay people quickly become confused and overwhelmed by the seeming ocean of acronyms and technical jargon associated with IT and technical documentation. As such, we use our expertise derived from both writing and the IT industry to help smooth the path to understanding by simplifying the complex so that just about anyone will be able to understand it. Do you need to write White Papers, technical manuals, user guides, reference manuals, how-tos, tutorials, etc? Take the first step toward simplification, contact us today. Call 619-344-7513 today or send us a message.


For us, copywriting is much more than writing the copy that you need. We view copywriting as more of the craft of choosing the right combination of words, syntax, and if necessary, graphical elements to convey your specific message. At Atelier Acosta, we have provided copywriting services for everything from newspaper and magazine ads, billboards, email blasts, advertorials, and newsletters, to Web sites, video scripts, audio transcription, and synopses. Contact us now, we will help you reach your target audience.

Content Creation

Data doesn’t lie. Therefore, at Atelier Acosta, we use a unique and different approach when generating content for all our clients. Instead of simply writing content—product descriptions, newsletters, email marketing materials, feature-length articles, etc.—based upon what we think you might need, we listen to your goals and business objectives and base all generated content upon available data, by adopting a statistical approach, giving you a leg up on your competition.

Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, & Visualization

Though not limited to Python, we are specialists in Python programming and use the language and related technologies as our primary tool in working with Business Intelligence (BI) and with Big Data, data cleaning, analysis, and visualization. With your raw data, we are able to extract meaningful information, apply statistical tools, make predictions, and visualizations based on that data and use that information to help drive your business needs. Whether it’s customer segmentation, churning, predictive analysis, Web traffic forecasting, or performing market basket analysis, we have the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to help you achieve your business goals.
How can our BI team help you?

  1. Identify and understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses; internally & externally
  2. Discover relationships between different data to improve decision making
  3. Analysis of hard data to help detect opportunities for innovation.

Let’s discuss your business goals. Call 619-344-7513 today or send us a message.