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NLP & Text Analytics

Concordance: find a single word in the text and get context.

NLP & Text Analytics

We work with a lot ot text; really, a lot. And a big part of what we do is text analysis. Text analytics, in a nutshell, is the conversion of unstructured textual data into more meaningful data.
Here at Atelier Acosta, we perform a lot of Natural Language Processing (NLP), and we have the pleasure of analyzing various types of text; various types and various sizes. In addition to measuring customer opinions, we also perform analysis of customer reviews, customer feedback, text clustering, sentiment analysis (how customers feel about your product or service), link analysis, visualization, entity & relationship modeling, etc., in order to provide insight and inform fact-based decision-making processes.
Lexical Dispersion Plot of Macbeth
We work with and provide meaningful insights into just about any type of text including, Web copy, blog posts, customer feedback and reviews, customer complaints, email, Word documents, books, news, etc. We also work in various languages including English, German, and Spanish.
Call us at 619-344-7513 or contact us today, let’s discuss how we can help you gain greater business insights and make decisions based upon how your customers really feel about your products and or service.

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