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The Website of N. Joaquín Acosta


The focus of Acosta's artistic career as a figurative expressionist is on death, dread, agony, despair, anxiety, melancholy and nothingness in distorted and emotionally-charged depictions of the human condition. Contemplating always that life begins on the other side of despair, his themes tend to focus, also, on the underbelly of life as he attempts to limn the eternal struggle between the individual and his own existence; i.e, man's eternal internal struggle with his inability to live or die; man's existence and it's eternal ambiguity; paradox.
Boleuvard of Broken Dreams o.T. XXX entweder oder Vestigios del tiempo

Today's Excerpt

Man has failed and continues to fail to dissociate material possessions with feelings of beatitude. It is the irony of trying to fill a hole: the more possessions man gets to fill the symbolic hole that is within him, the deeper and wider the hole becomes. Man is, in essence, the architect of his own demise, his emptiness, anxiety, and feelings of dejection.

The idea of a state of happiness in man seems to be devoid of sharp boundaries. The indeterminacy which encloses the extension of the predicate "e;a state of happiness"e; makes it impossible to identify the one possession that makes the difference between happiness and unhappiness. Man will never be able to identify that one thing that will be the one thing which makes whole and completes his state of happiness. As such, we are faced with paradox since from apparently true premises we are able to deduce an apparently false conclusion.


On the Idea of Happiness from the forthcoming title, The Madness of Sincerity

Quote of the day: The waves flung themselves against the inky sky.