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The Website of N. Joaquín Acosta

About Joaquín

N. Joaquín Acosta is a prolific writer, contemporary artist, biographer, and philosopher whose experience lies in the fields of logic, virtue ethics, existentialism and Latin American philosophy. His work tends to directly or indirectly focus on issues related to race, injustice, culture, indigenous peoples, struggle, grief, and life's afflictions.

He often writes from his own experiences which can be seen bleeding from the pages of his work. He is also keenly interested in the concerns of life; those concerns that exist, concealed beneath the underbelly of everyday life.

He has contributed to BiblioBoards, SeaTurtles 911, Signet Ed., and other organizations.

Racism, injustice, poverty, slavery, and ignorance will only be cured by Revolution. —N. Joaquín Acosta

Artist Statement

The focus of Acosta's artistic career as a figurative expressionist is on death, dread, agony, despair, anxiety, melancholy and nothingness in distorted and emotionally-charged depictions of the human condition.

Contemplating always that life begins on the other side of despair, his themes tend to focus, also, on the underbelly of life as he attempts to limn the eternal struggle between the individual and his own existence; i.e, man's eternal internal struggle with his inability to live or die; man's existence and it's eternal ambiguity; paradox.


—Life & wisdom.

Quote of the day: The leaves fear the wind.