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The Madness of Sincerity

The Madness of Sincerity (2017): 30 poignant and raw essays on an array of topics as diverse as homelessness; shame; the imagination; virtue ethics; Instagram; the travails of being single; relationships; talent and success; art; the soul; epistemology; mirrors; morality; solitude; and racism in America.


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Murder, She Wrote, a show I like and still watch in syndication, always leads to the same observations on class, race, and color as depicted by Hollywood. The characters and roles played by whites are always the same: Nobel laureates, scientists, professors; writers, artists, gallerists, museum curators; jet-setting fashion models and designers; classical musicians; rich and famous; ranch, racehorse, and land ownership; polo and white wine; espionage, glamor, romance; usually, holds a position of power and or prestige; often shown in master/slave relationship with characters played by blacks.

Black characters, too, were frequently shown in the same hackneyed roles delegated to most black actors: employees in go-nowhere, low-paying, and wage slave jobs; taxi drivers and cops (usually low-tier officers); many roles are those of waiters, maids, and similar positions that demonstrate a certain servitude; very few glamor and or power positions.


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Quote of the day: Racism, injustice, poverty, slavery, and ignorance will only be cured by Revolution.