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About Joaquín

N. Joaquín Acosta is a prolific writer, contemporary artist, biographer, and philosopher whose experience lies in the fields of logic, virtue ethics, existentialism and Latin American philosophy. His work tends to directly or indirectly focus on issues related to race, injustice, culture, indigenous peoples, struggle, grief, and life's afflictions.

He often writes from his own experiences which can be seen bleeding from the pages of his work. He is also keenly interested in the concerns of life; those concerns that exist, concealed beneath the underbelly of everyday life.


—Life & wisdom.

New On the Blog

In 1943, the 65th Infantry Regiment of the United States Army was sent to Panama to provide protection on both the Atlantic and Pacific sides of the isthmus. The 65th Infantry Regiment was an all-Puerto Rican unit of conscripts and enlistees that, in September 1944, traveled to North Africa before continuing on to Piera Cava in the French Maritime Alps. This action was in Europe and it was the first action on European soil for Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans.

In December of the same year, they faced off in battle against Germany’s 34th Infantry Division, specifically, the 107th Grenadier Regiment. The 3rd Batallion of the 65th Regiment suffered the loss of 47 soldiers—Sgt. Ángel Martínez and Pvt. Sergio Sánchez-Sánchez were the first two Puerto Ricans to give their lives fighting for the U.S. and her Allies during World War II. Both men were from the town of Sabana Grande.


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